Elwood Sailing Club (Victoria Australia)

Elwood Sailing Club (Victoria Australia)

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    • Greg Doyle
      4 years ago

      I have been a part of this club for many years sailing both catamaran’s on weekends and windsurfing whenever I can any day of the week.

      In recent times the windsurfing side of the club has really developed with 50+ active members. The biggest issue is trying to find storage for new members.

      The clubhouse is not plush (or stuffy) by any means; it is old-school and has a great vibe with a nice cross-section of members.

      Facilities – the club has a good lounge area, outdoor BBQ & seating area, bar open on race days. There are wash-down facilities for your gear and hot showers & change rooms.

      Storage – there are storage lockers for about 50 members. You can generally get at least 2 sets of equipment in a locker. The lockers are horizontal which is not ideal for managing & retrieving gear but they are adequate.

      Sailing spot – whilst it isn’t the best sailing spot on the planet, its convenience to the inner suburbs of Melbourne is fabulous. And on its day it can be great!

      Rigging & launching – the grassy area at the front of the club is convenient for rigging although the grass does die-off over summer leaving you to sometimes rig on dirt. The launching area is from a sandy beach and there can be a bit of a shore break at times making launching a little challenging for the less experienced.

      Friendliness – I really love the club for this; ESC is part of my greater-family!…actually I see members more than my family 🙂

      Club equipment – there is a mish-match of gear available for people wanting to give windsurfing a go but nothing to get too excited about. There are also SUPs available to members to use.

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