Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

Costa Teguise, Lanzarote

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    • 1 Reviews on “Costa Teguise, Lanzarote”

      • WindHounds - Greg
        5 years ago

        We went to Costa Teguise with no real pre-conceived ideas about what we would find and were pleasantly surprised by what it has to offer.

        Costa Teguise is very easily accessed by public transport, bus of self-drive, just 15 mins from he airport.

        As with all towns on Lanzarote, they are highly manufactured by humans due to the sandy & rocky nature of the island. Palm trees and gardens have been planted everywhere to give the location a sort of tropical feel.

        The place was impeccably clean with cafes, bars & restaurants dotted around the waterfront to maximize the spectacular views.

        The sheltered swimming beach was superb with a large sandy beach and pristine turquoise blue water as you see in the postcards.

        The town is definitely touristy with masses of English and Europeans tacking advantage of the mass packaged holidays offered here.

        In saying this though, we were there in peak summer and it didn’t feel outrageously busy. You could always find a car park and get a seat at most restaurants whenever you wanted.

        Whilst we didn’t party as such whilst we were there, there seemed to be a reasonably vibrant nightlife with several nightclubs and sports bars in the area.

        It was noticeable that there was a good number of younger people and couples at this destination as well as the gray nomad set.

        We had mixed feelings about the windsurfing at Costa Teguise and had spoken to many people throughout our trip who had a similar experience to what we had.

        If the wind angle is not exactly right, getting out from the launching area can be a challenge due to a large rock wall that just out of the bay by about 50 metres. Combine this with a rope to keep sailors from straying into the swimming area (making the launching causeway about 30 m wide) and it can be a very frustrating time if you come off your board due to lack of wind and having to try to water start in that area.

        It is absolutely fine for beginners as they are able to stand up on their long buoyant boards and up-haul the sail. The issue is mainly with boards that lack enough buoyancy to keep one afloat.

        To be honest I felt like a complete beginner (which I am not) trying to get out of this zone and I was pleased to see that even some of the locals struggled in this area.

        The launching area was also a bit congested. The beach area was deep enough but due to the narrow causeway of the launch area out to the actual sailing area, you had to step over other sails and boards strewn all over the beach (but not a major issue really).

        Once out of the causeway and sheltered area the wind was fairly consistent (particularly the further away from shore you sailed).

        There is a good point-break on the left hand-side of the bay where many sailors hang out to frolic in the waves. One out there, the point is relatively clear from obstruction given that it juts out from the land.

        The water temperature was moderate to warm (I just wore shorts and rash top) and changed from turquoise to deep blue the further you ventured out. There wasn’t a lot of flat water sailing to be had (because the wind was quite gusty towards the shore where the water was flt) although the waves tended to be a little more rolly due to the swell as opposed to chop.

        The sailors in this location were predominantly males but there were a few females out there as well.

        At the time we visited there were 3 windsurfing centres offering a variety of gear suited to the area at varying levels. They also offered a great variety of lessons types for all levels.

        The sheltered bay really is a fabulous location for teaching before sailors head further out to sea where the wind increases substantially.

        All 3 centres shared the rescue boats and took it in turn to make sure there were observers on-deck all day. We believe this is a relatively safe environment to learn and progress.

        There is a great variety of quality accommodation at this destination and based on our experience represented exceptional value to the quality of the property and the food offered.

        There are some great Adults Only hotels and also plenty of lovely self-cater condos, villas and apartments which would be ideal for families, larger groups or those looking for a longer stay.

        The island of Lanzarote is relatively small so getting around to see most that it has to offer in a week would be achievable. Whilst much of the land is baron and desert-like, there are some great natural wonders on the island ensuring non-sailors have plenty to keep them entertained. In and around Costa-Teguise there are many activity providers such as electric bike plus the Windsurfing centres generally rent suPs, surfboards & body boards. See the activities & tours section for Lanzarote for more information on this.

        IN SUMMARY

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