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Windsurfing & Kitesurfing Spots in Victoria

Victoria, Australia has some fabulous windsurfing & kitesurfing spots.

The most popular spots are around Port Philip Bay to to the proximity of the major city of Melbourne.

Nearest to Melbourne are spots like St Kilda West Beach (a mecca for kite surfing), Elwood beach & Brighton beach and to the west; Williamstown for windsurfers and Altona for kitesurfing.

    Aspendale (Victoria, Australia)

    Rye Front Beach (Victoria, Australia)

    Rosebud (Victoria, Australia)

    Balnarring (Victoria, Australia)

    Elwood Beach Melbourne (Victoria Australia)

    Mallacoota (Victoria, Australia)

    Point Ormond (Victoria, Australia)

    Point Danger, Torquay (Victoria, Australia)

    Sandringham Harbour (Victoria, Australia)

    Sandy Point Beach (Victoria, Australia)