Inverloch Area 45 (Victoria, Australia)

Inverloch Area 45 (Victoria, Australia)

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    • 2 Reviews on “Inverloch Area 45 (Victoria, Australia)”

      • WindHounds - Greg Listing Owner
        3 years ago

        Finally sailed here in an easterly! Well actually 3 days of easterlies ranging in wind speed from 10 knots to 35 knots (on separate days). On the windier days the breeze was consistent and strong. On the lighter day it was not as consistent but this was driven by storms / rain showers.
        The crowds (maybe 5 sailors) turned up over the weekend to take advantage of the strong winds.
        When the tide was low, the chop turned to ripples and I believe several PBs were achieved along with a top speed of 43 knots (woohaaaa!!).
        A word of caution, we found that when the tide was higher it was more difficult to navigate the sandbars making high-speed fin strikes a high probability. In fact one of our crew hit a bar at about 30knots breaking his boom into 4 pieces. So be very careful and take your time to get to know where the sand bars are before trying to break any records.

      • WindHounds - Greg Listing Owner
        3 years ago

        I sailed at area 45 in January in a WSW breeze of around 15 – 18 knots.

        Firstly the rigging and parking area is very good with some nice grass to rig on directly next to the car park.

        Launching is pretty easy but there are a few sharpish rocks as you enter the water. Once 20m or so from shore the bottom is quite sandy so booties aren’t really a requirement here.

        The tide was on the high side when I sailed here and I was told by locals that the water becomes super flat as the sand bars appear at low tide.

        I must say I was very impressed with the consistency of the wind and the pretty flat water with this breeze direction and tide.

        A local told me that this spot is most epic with an easterly breeze at low tide where many local speed records are broken.

        I will definitely be back again to this spot in the near future; hopefully to try an easterly breeze!

        PS. the pics attached to the review were actually from the day before in a 30knt+ southwesterly.

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