Lake Cootharaba, Sunshine Coast (QLD Australia)

Lake Cootharaba, Sunshine Coast (QLD Australia)

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  • Coothaaraba Campground 13
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  • Coothaaraba Campground 3
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  • Coothaaraba Campground 7
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    • 2 Reviews on “Lake Cootharaba, Sunshine Coast (QLD Australia)”

      • WindHounds - Greg
        8 months ago

        Wed 25 Oct, 2023 – what a blast of a day on Lake Cootharaba! I rigged & launched at Buffalo Park which is a couple of hundred metres from the sailing club. There were a few die-hard local windsurfers with all of the latest kit plus a couple of wingers.

        The wind was blowing between 13 and 20 knots from the NE. The water was crazy warm like a bath. The locals said the lake was lower than usual however I found that once I walked out about 200m from shore I had no problems with my 70cm foil. Although there is a bit of a weed bank over the other side of the lake in which I picked up some weed on my foil and couldn’t work out why I couldn’t get up on the foil with 20 knots of wind!

        As a beginner going on intermediate wing foiler, I really like this place because you have a huge expanse of water to have plenty of time getting on and off the foil. And if you come off, you can touch the bottom in most places and take aa break.

        The locals say if it is blowing from the north, Lake Cootharaba is the go however Lake Weyba is better in a southerly.

        And there’s nothing like dropping into the historic Apollolonian Pub for a great feed and a cheeky beer after a day on the water!

      • WindHounds - Greg
        1 year ago

        Unfortunately there was very little wind when I visited Lake Cootharaba. We camped at the Boreen Point Camping ground which was just fabulous being right on the lake. Our friends who were windsurfing left their sails rigged overnight making it quick to get on the water each day. I was there to learn to wingfoil but given the lack of wind this wasn’t possible. So I walked out from the campsite and found it would be about 400m walk to get deep enough for my 90cm masted foil. And it seemed the deep area was really just a channel. I have been told that the best place to foil is in from of the sailing club where it still requires a walk out but it gets deeper quicker and there is a lot more area to foil in. I will definitely be back as I really loved this place.

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