Sandy Point - Shallow Inlet (Victoria, Australia)

Sandy Point - Shallow Inlet (Victoria, Australia)

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    • WindHounds - Greg
      3 years ago

      When I talk to people about Sandy Point, many of the long-time sailors reminisce about how good it was in the 80s and 90s. Since then the sand dunes have grown due to a plant that was released on the dunes to reduce erosion which in turn has increased the size of the dunes making the wind more gusty as it comes from the ocean across the inlet.

      Whilst the gusty wind is noticeable, I had an absolute blast windsurfing here!

      The wind was blowing from the SSW at about 15 – 18 knots. With a 125 litre board and 7.5m sail I could easily sail through the lulls.

      I sailed a little away from the shore to get a more consistent breeze so the water was not glassy but it was still very flat.

      The kitesurfers kites are above the sand dunes so they could easily hug the shore-line.

      The only thing that is a bit of a pain is dogs are not allowed at this spot even on a lead during the summer months so we had to leave our dogs in the car.

      We camped at the Sandy Point camping park which was very simple but adequate (although expensive for what they offer). Unfortunately it appears the camping area is being sold off as residential blocks 🙁

      Don’t be shy, if you haven’t been to this spot for some time get back to it and I think you will be surprised at how good it is if you love flat-water-sailing.

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